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Our Values

Marmara Paper and Packaging Industry and Trade Inc., continues to operate without compromising the values that have been kept alive since its foundation.
We are reliable
  • We establish respectful and sincere communication based on the principle of mutual trust with our transparent, fair and honest manner which takes its corporate values from deep-rooted traditions.
  • We fulfill our promises to our customers, suppliers, partners, employees and society.
  • We do our job in the quality and on time we promise, we stand behind our products and services.
We focus on customer and service
  • We place our customers and customer satisfaction at the center of every work we do.
  • We love our job and are always hospitable, motivated, tolerant, and good-humoured.
  • We are always looking for the better, and we aim to continuously perfect our processes and services.

We deliver solutions
  • To learn the needs and expectations; we ask questions, give importance to opinions and suggestions, and produce timely and fast applicable solutions.
  • In order to be a pioneer and preferable in our industry, we follow innovations and technology and produce new and alternative solutions.
  • We continually improve our solutions and business models and try to provide added value by looking at our business 360 degrees with different creative and innovative perspectives.
We are determined
  • We use our resources efficiently by anticipating challenges. We are a determined team that works shoulder to shoulder to achieve its goals and aims at success in all conditions.
  • We care about uninterrupted and long-term success. We work with desire and dedication in our business to create sustainable growth and difference.
  • For new opportunities; we're open and determined to take accountable risks and force boundaries and we fight tirelessly.
We are open
  • We are always open to change, improvement, learning and education.
  • We value feedback and self-criticism, and are open to new ideas, participation, cooperation and communication.
  • We are respectful and open to all ideas, cultures and differences that are far from prejudices.
We are responsible
  • We act with an awareness of social responsibility and commitment to universal ethical values.
  • We respect the environment, nature and the future; we know that we are responsible for what we leave to our country, to our world and to future generations.